ADS BY GOOGLE international advisory board member Brian Ferguson features in the current issue of Forbes Magazine, which mentions his article in Vol. 1 issue 2 declaring the SCO Group's case against IBM a long shot.
'Linux' is becoming the most popular 5-letter word in the technology lexicon since 'Xerox.' Here's what's being said in this week's analyses and commentaries, culled from the world's technology magazines and Web sites.
LinuxWorld Magazine international advisory board member Scott Handy, whose day job is being IBM's Linux strategy and marketing maven, featured prominently in this week's New York Times article about Linux.
New York based Xandros, Inc., has announced the release of the Xandros Desktop 2.0.
There will be a variety of Linux players in evidence at the 15th annual Supercomputing conference being held next week in Phoenix, AZ.
In a move that some Linux users are likening to the attempt – doomed to failure, it turned out – to build a Tower of Babel, open source activist Bruce Perens pledged himself this week to the creation of a new Linux distro: UserLinux.
According to Novell, it can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, it can help lower management costs, and can simplify the administration process of distributing software or updates. All while “significantly” lowering the cost of Linux ownership for enterprise customers. “It” is Xi...
Still in the news - day in, day out - the world's most talked-about and written-about OS: Linux.
A competition has recently come our way describing itself as the first of what is intended to become an annual series, a competition that will pay cash prizes to developers for the best additions to the an open source 'Business Integration Engine.'
News round-up of Linux developments, from Web sites, journals, newspapers, and magazines around the world.
There has been a 'misunderstanding,' says Microsoft. It's not that Redmond doesn't like Linux especially, it just doesn't like ANY technology that isn't Windows.
The San Francisco-based company that produces the 'BitKeeper' configuration management system has just issued a news release detailing how the system - used by Linux developers including Linus Torvalds - recently helped avert a potentially embarrassing security breach in the Linux kern...
The infamous SCO Group is being provocative again. It wrote the SEC to tell the agency about the $50 million investment it just got and in the short little filing it made the tantalizing statement that 'In the coming months, SCO intends to expand the licensing program to include migrat...
As today's comments reflect, the influence of Linux is ever widening, influencing politics, economics, and technology on a global scale.
'What we are seeing today is a statement. It's a statement aimed at the corporate world telling them that Linux is now a stable, supported application with a long future in front of it,' observes LinuxWorld Magazine editor-in-chief Kevin Bedell as Novell announces its acquisition of SU...
Five years ago, almost the the day, Eric Raymond posted a leaked internal Microsoft memo from Vinod Vallopillil, a Microsoft staff engineer, in which Vallopillil observed that OSS 'poses a direct, short-term revenue and platform threat to Microsoft, particularly in the server space.'
A new week, and Linux is still making headlines in the world's press, from Wired's full-length profile of Linus Torvalds to more far-flung coverage, such as a story about Linux on
The Linux Documentation Project, launched in response to a 'lack' of good documentation, is ten years old.
From next year, users of any enterprise-level Linux distro with the Red Hat name on it will need to pay for it.
Our midweek round-up of what's being said, written, and thought about Linux in the world's newspapers, magazines, journals, and Web sites.
The latest dramatic twist of the longest-running saga in recent technology history came yesterday when the SCO Group launched an attack on the cornerstone of Linux: the legality and legitimacy of the General Public License itself.
The high tech veteran Andreas Typaldos has just been named CEO of Xandros, which he aims - he says - to build into a major Linux solutions provider.
Another giddy week in the Linux world: rumors about SuSE and Novell, potentially disasterrous incompatability between Mandrake 9.2 and LG CD-ROM drives, a new member for the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum. Read all about it, as reported by the world's media - newspapers, magazines, j...
The following errata note is currently attracting multiple hits at the Mandraka Linux site.
The Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) has announced that ARM, which has already undertaken to develop and use embedded Linux on its core-based microprocessors, has joined the Forum.
The Lindows operating system is making further inroads on desktops and notebooks, according to an announcement today that is being circulated by one of the world's top OEMs, ProSource PC.
VERITAS and SuSE have entered what they're calling an 'engineering and marketing partnership' - in what many see as a boost to Linux deployment in enterprise data centers.
From New Zealand, Wesley Parish issues a 'code bake-out' challenge to the top hierarchy of the world's largest software company. . .
Well, well, well, well, well. We have it on very good authority that Novell just tried and failed to buy SuSE to add to its Ximian acquisition. Apparently $120 million for such a thing is a little rich for its taste.
IBM and Reuters today announced another milestone in the expansion of Linux into the enterprise and mission-critical applications.
On November 17, SUSE LINUX will release Openexchange Server 4.1, bringing to Linux a comprehensive groupware, collaboration, and messaging tool, providing enterprises of all sizes with an all-in-one communication and groupware package at an unmatched price/performance ratio.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is now available, supporting more IT deployments than ever before and spanning seven hardware architectures.
Motorola will incorporate the RealOne Player in select handsets, with an initial focus on Linux-based handsets for the mass market consumer audience.
Every now and again a competition comes along that's a little bit out of the ordinary. Today LinuxWorld brings advance word of one that fits that description squarely: the latest installment of a running series of 'CryptoChallenges' from a leading security consultancy.
Traditionally dominated in the past by OEM vendors hawking off-shore CD-R drives and line printers for resale, COMDEX this year has shifted toward more of a software focus, including Open Source, says LinuxWorld senior editor James Turner wearing a different hat as a conference track c...
Open source software (OSS) development and use, as described by the General Public License (GPL) and other similar licenses, creates tremendous gains in the quality and volume of software development and use, says Paul Nowak - in a new application of Garret Hardin's seminal 1968 Scienc...
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), convened by the United Nations at the urging of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), intends to address the global economic, societal, and political changes being wrought as our information-based society replaces the old ...
What's the current size of the Linux community? About 18 million users, if the statistical calculations of the ten-year old Linux Counter project are correct.
Are IBM and SGI justified in both characterizing their Unix licenses as 'irrevocable'? A certain Mr Stowell, writing from Utah, says not.
Rich pickings this week for anyone browsing through the world's Web sites, magazines, or newspapers with an eye to what's being said about Linux.