ADS BY GOOGLE has introduced 'Always On-Call Support' service, offering toll-free 800 number assistance to LindowsOS customers at any time, day or night, without per-call or per-incident charges.
From the start, questions have surrounded the process and people SCO used to determine the alleged code violations in Linux, from the phantom MIT mathematics department team which MIT itself can’t identify to SCO saying this week that it has no idea what the history of a particular sni...
The creator of Linux himself has, not unnaturally, joined the SCO-vs-the-Rest-of-the-World fray, telling the CEO of SCO Group, Darl McBride: 'Please grow up.'
Bruce Perens and 'ESR' (Eric S. Raymond) have just issued an Open Letter in response to yesterday's Darl McBride missive - read it here on right now.
In an open letter to the OS community, Darl McBride writes: 'The most controversial issue in the information technology industry today is the ongoing battle over software copyrights and intellectual property. This battle is being fought largely between vendors who create and sell propr...'s editor-in-chief Kevin Bedell takes issue with the recent publication of Darl McBride's open letter to the community regarding the SCO claim.
Old father Linux may be 12 years old this month, but little Google is already 5.
LinuxWorld Magazine fans will be pleased to know that international advisory board member Wim Coekearts is one of the 12 'gurus' selected by Oracle for star treatment at OracleWorld this week.
The next car you buy might be safer and stronger, thanks to Linux! Audi is using a Linux Networx Evolocity II (E2) MAGMASOFT cluster to simulate components for the new Audi Space Framefor future car models. The E2 MAGMASOFT system has helped speed simulations from two weeks to two days...
'Linux gives us the power we need to crush those who oppose us...' says the lead character in a Flash animation that's doing the rounds of the Web right now. 'I don't see why most people don't run Linux.' But there's a twist in the tale.
Linux is the path to a bright new future for Taiwan, a leading industry analyst said yesterday. Development of a Linux-based operating system is essential if Taiwan is to avoid missing a great business opportunity in the near future, he asserted.
The goal of every darkside hacker is to get the target system to do something you don't want it to do. A primary example is buffer overruns - one of those things that every first-year programming student should be taught to avoid, yet one that is still used with great frequency by hac...
'This strategic alliance with HP will drive the adoption of enterprise Linux in China,' says Red Flag Software's President and CEO.
In celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the birth of the Linux software, a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill known as has designated September 2003 as 'Linux Month.'
Before the end of this month, according to a CNET Report, about 1,000 Linux users in the US will find an invoice from the SCO Group in their mail - threatening court action if the users fail to pay.
Three major universities have selected Linux on IBM POWER technology to build the Library of Congress's first centralized online catalog of film, television, and digital video images from libraries, national archives, museums, and broadcasting companies.
The chief information officer of Australian telecom giant Telstra, Jeff Smith, has announced that the company is going to deploy open-source software company-wide. His aim? To halve, within 3 years, Telstra's $1.5 billion IT spend.
This week's round-up of how Linux is currently being mentioned in the world's print, online, and related news media incorporates Australia, Japan, China, and Korea.
Can anyone beat this for the best-ever quote from the creator of Linux?
SGI and SuSE Linux have announced plans to offer, for the first time, a fully supported 64-processor system running a fully supported, enterprise-grade Linux operating system - expected to be available in October.
In a statement posted on its Web site, MontaVista Software reassures its customers and partners that it 'believes that the lawsuit has no real merit, and so has minimal or no implications for companies developing embedded applications with MontaVista Linux, nor for users and consumers ...
If you thought that the weekend would be a time of respite in the 'SCO vs Linux' saga, you were very, very wrong. This Monday morning, after a very busy night, LinuxWorld brings you a blow-by-blow account of the latest shenanigans.
Today's hottest Linux quotes...culled from newspapers, magazines, and Web sites worldwide.
When faced with upgrading their existing NT server to the latest Windows release, an opportunity was presented to look at the offerings from Linux. This a tale with a happy ending from a Linux consultant in the field.
Writing in response to the recent LinuxWorld article about how Bruce Perens has been debunking the FUD being spread about UNIX and Linux, a LinuxWorld reader points out a further discrepancy in SCO's recent claims.
On Friday Eric S. Raymond, President of the Open Source Initiative, wrote an Open Letter to SCO Group President and Chief Executive Officer Darl McBride. Here is the text of the letter in full.
Bruce Perens, eminence grise of open-source, just got his hands (well alright then, his eyes) on the SCO code slides--and ended up getting a good laugh at what he found there...
N2H2, Inc., a global Internet content filtering company, has released version 2.0 of the company's Sentian and Bess lines of filtering products for Red Hat Linux. The new Red Hat Linux version offers a number of powerful features and a simple Web-based interface, and is designed to int...
Continuing its mission to document what it calls 'the Penguin's unstoppable march,' the site is carrying a very timely article today reminding the Linux community that 'it's only a matter of time before SCO code is removed entirely from the Linux kernel.'
Los Alamos National Laboratory has selected Linux Networx to build a 256-node Evolocity cluster system, which will be the largest InfiniBand™ cluster announced to date. Named Orange by Los Alamos, the cluster will become part of the Laboratory's Institutional Computing project, which s...
Another round-up in our series of scans for pithy quotes and insightful thoughts about Linux and open-source issues of the day.
Did you know that 36% of developers prefer commercial versions of Linux and 15% prefer a non-commercial version, but that the majority of developers (49%) say that it doesn’t matter? Were you aware that, on the desktop, KDE has moved ahead of GNOME for the first time? (65% versus 56%, ...
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Now that, according to Red Hat, some 10% of India's personal computers will be sold with Linux rather than a Microsoft OS by March, 2004, Reuters is reporting today on Indian fears that using cheap Linux software for business could cause problems.
With so many accusations and counter-accusations flying around just now, LinuxWorld aims to bring you only undisputed facts about the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. Today for example, we bring you without any comment the full text of SCO's latest press release.
New to Linux? There's no better way to get started than by asking for help from others in the software development community who are already initiated into its advantages. Here LinuxWorld brings a recent exchange between one of Java Developer Journal's contributing editors, Jason Brigg...
LinuxWorld Magazine editor-in-chief Kevin Bedell reports how the final day of the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco took an unexpected turn for him...and a good one, he hopes, for the Open Source community. It involved Bruce Perens, the Chairman of the Zynot Foundation, and...
Linux is a wonderful operating system, but that doesn't mean that Linux and its tools are perfect. Most Linux users, whether new or seasoned veterans, have annoying experiences along the way to enlightenment. A trio of authors is looking for your biggest Linux annoyances., which premiered this week at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, has already been receiving plaudits from different corners of the Linux community. Why not join the growing number of folks who have taken the trouble to let us know what they make of the Premier Issue?
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