yourfanat wrote: I am using another tool for Oracle developers - dbForge Studio for Oracle. This IDE has lots of usefull features, among them: oracle designer, code competion and formatter, query builder, debugger, profiler, erxport/import, reports and many others. The latest version supports Oracle 12C. More information here.
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Oracle Targets Top Spot With New Oracle9iAS and Jdeveloper
Oracle Targets Top Spot With New Oracle9iAS and Jdeveloper


I returned just yesterday from a fantastic trip to San Francisco for Oracle's OpenWorld conference. It wasn't clear what to expect when I accepted Oracle's invitation to give a presentation, but I was delighted to find the show had a high-energy crowd that was very tuned in to Java, especially J2EE and Web services. The whole show was great, but the most interesting and important items came from Oracle, itself - Oracle9i Application Server Release 2 and Oracle9i JDeveloper.

Ellison Aims High, Goes After App Server Market Primacy
Before getting into specifics about these two products and their significance, I'd like to consider at a slightly higher level what Oracle seem to be doing strategically. In short, Oracle has made an unequivocal, public commitment to capturing the lead in the Java application server market. The database leader has been a strong and steadfast Java supporter since the beginning, but I now see Oracle shifting into a much more significant role as a true Java leader and trendsetter, and I'm excited by what I see. Oracle clearly recognizes that helping Java developers succeed is key to its own success, so the company has devoted major resources to creating first-rate developer tools - a smart strategy! If Oracle continues on this course, then I expect them to win unprecedented levels of respect and support within the Java developer community.

I was surprised by Oracle's vision when they announced at JavaOne that they had licensed Orion as the new foundation for Oracle9iAS - Orion had been our hands-down favorite app server at JavaLobby for some time before this. It was a gutsy and shrewd move for Oracle. You don't often see a major company have the clarity and insight to scrap its own product in favor of a superior third-party offering, especially from such a small team as the one that built Orion. It has become evident, however, that licensing Orion was only the beginning of a broader strategy, and Oracle9iAS Release 2 demonstrates how much additional development strength Oracle brings to the mix.

Oracle9iAS Release 2, just announced this week at OpenWorld, is a fiercely competitive, standards-compliant, J2EE 1.2 certified application server that promises to give BEA WebLogic and IBM Websphere something to worry about besides one another...and Microsoft's upcoming .Net platform. Here's a short list of some of the new features and improvements that Oracle9iAS Release 2 adds to the foundation established at JavaOne:

  • Clustering capability, two new options - cache clusters and EJB clusters
  • J2EE 1.2 certified, and offers support for J2EE 1.3, working on cert for 1.3
  • Inclusion of JCA, JAAS, EJB 2.0 message-driven beans
  • Various XML APIs and improved support for SOAP and Web services
  • Complete integration of Apache web server with core architecture
  • Graphical tool using Ant for convenient builds
  • Advanced server support for rapid edit, compile, deploy cycles
  • Servlets can be automatically recompiled in active server context, convenient for developers
  • Extensive new support for custom tag libraries - Web services, caching, lower level APIs
Show's Biggest Surprise: JDeveloper - for All-Purpose Java Development
The big surprise of the show, however, was Oracle9i JDeveloper - I'd absolutely no idea that Oracle had created such a powerful tool for all-purpose Java development. Oracle9i JDeveloper offers a comprehensive, integrated environment for design, development, debugging, profiling, and deployment of Java solutions. Written from the ground up in Java, Oracle has brought together everything you need for advanced UML modeling, project management, remote debugging, integrated execution and memory profiling, and even 1-click deployment into the embedded Oracle9iAS application server. JDeveloper is a powerhouse, and it is FREE, FREE, FREE! I've paid thousands to buy the various pieces of this solution from Sitraka, WebGain, VMGear and others. Now Oracle has put the whole solution into a single, integrated package that even students and hobbyists can benefit from. Oracle9i JDeveloper sets a new standard for value in the developer tools space, and delivering great developer tools is the best way to win the hearts of Java developers.

Make no mistake, JDeveloper isn't the same old, same old. Oracle had previously licensed an OEM version of Borland JBuilder and distributed it under the JDeveloper brand name, but this new version represents a radical departure from that approach - and a major step forward. I'd always thought Oracle's tools were probably fine for people doing database work in Java, but I was skeptical that they were truly competitive for all-purpose Java development. I was seriously wrong, and this new JDeveloper offering is one of the most solid "first version" releases I have seen. It has outstanding support for building XML Web services, automating EJB creation, round-trip UML design, CVS source control, and more. Do yourself a favor and download it now, you'll be glad you did. It says it's a "release candidate," but as far as I can tell it is ready for prime time.

The cool thing about JDeveloper is that it's a pure Java application itself, and provides an open API for integration of virtually any third party tools into the JDeveloper environment. Several leading tools vendors are already at work on add-ins for Oracle9i JDeveloper that will extend and specialize its features and capabilities even further. I'm told that it's especially easy to integrate tools written in Java, so I hope we'll see some of the finest make the move to JDeveloper and turn it into a platform supported by multiple vendors, and not just Oracle. Systems like Compuware's new OptimalJ could slip right into JDeveloper, taking integration to a new high-water mark. Oracle's committed re-entry into the developer tools space comes just in time, since Microsoft is clearly looking to use Visual Studio.NET to gain traction and mindshare with developers.

Coming Soon to a Keynote Near You: Larry's Quest for the Holy App-Grail
Finally, you'll probably enjoy watching the keynote presentation from Oracle SVP, Jeremy Burton, entitled "The Quest for the Holy Applications Development Grail." It features some very funny storytelling from Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. I enjoyed the adventures of Good King Larry and his Merry Men as they battle the Blue Knight and the likes of Darth Gates and Ballmer of the Bad Hair! Very funny stuff, and I don't usually like keynote speeches. I think you'll enjoy it, too!

About Rick Ross
Rick Ross is the founder of Javalobby ( He is a frequent speaker at Java-related events and a well-known advocate for Java developer interests.

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I've just come across this article on 9iAS and JDeveloper (Part of iDS)
and thought it would be of interest to you.

Mike Donohoe

If Oracle are so good at building web server / app server products could someone tell me why the Oracle site goes down so frequently. I work many weekends/nights and I think uptime for, and is pathetic. Tried to book a course two weeks ago and the education pages were down all weekend. Oh by the way does nobody notice that Oracle Jdeveloper 9i is not yet in production!! It's gone from "Beta" to "Release candidate" ...

Get with it and stop all this marketing hype. Just because Oracle pay for you to visit SF does that mean you can only say good things !!!

Rumor has it that Oracle 9iAS allegedly uses Orion as the app server. Fast and good, but bought and not constructed, if true...just as fast and better (price/performance/configurability) IMHO is Resin (

and.. not to mention Amiga!

I've used Oracle 9i and Jdev and it is way ahead of the rest. I agree

Very arguably. iPlanet app server is plagued with issues from having been a journey product. It started off as Kiva, an C++ application server. Then moved to Netscape and morphed into a C++/Java application server. Now it's iplanet and it still uses kiva code mixed with java code mixed with lots and lots of memory leaks, segmentation faults, and crashes. Not fun under high me:)

this is good
It has everything and more that 9iAS and JDeveloper promises. So do Forte for Java Enterprise and iPlanet (arguably the best heavy duty App Server available).

Reading your article reminded me of Microsoft raving about having a multi-threaded OS in Win95 like it was the newest, hottest, most wonderful thing since sliced bread. All the while the Unix, Mac, and OS/2 junkies were vomiting at the duping spectacle. I would suggest you rave as enthusiastically about WAS4.0 and the new WSAD development environment. It has everything and more that 9iAS and JDeveloper promises. So do Forte for Java Enterprise and iPlanet (arguably the best heavy duty App Server available). So do the new WebGain Suite and WebLogic. Or... TogetherSoft and any of the above. Oracle and JDeveloper are late entrants into a maturing market and their ability to hype is only rivaled by Microsoft. Users of the more mature environements are getting sick stomachs.

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Nazli wrote: i'm doing my web program running on Resin 1.1.3 but now i have a problem to convert the program running on oracle9ias. is it any features to convert it????
salma wrote: je veux des infos sur jdevelopper
More Informed wrote: Get your facts straight. The deployment/J2EE environment for Oracle 9i AS is Apache/Orion - 2 excellent and mature products. 9iAS is NOT new technology, rather a product suite masterfully crafted to kick the pants off of .NET, BEA and IBM Webshere. It also includes Web Cache which fricken rocks. BI tool Discoverer and a host of other services. Do your homework Russ!
Jim Barker wrote: Oracle9i Web Development by Bradley D. Brown Get the most comprehensive book on mastering Web development in an Oracle environment--exclusively from the official Oracle Press. This authorized resource is packed with expert, practical tips for developing and deploying Internet-ready, e-commerce applications using Oracle9i Application Server, Oracle tools, and the most commonly used Web development technologies. (Cut and paste from Amazon)
Rob wrote: ahem, beta? since? it still is beta - hasn't been released yet - so its SUPPOSED to have bugs.
Ratnesh wrote: Dear sir, When I install Oracle9iAS on windows 2000 server, Its HTTP Server service makaes a conflict with Oracle 9iDatabase's HTTP Server & Database's HTTP Server stops running. Please tell how can I resolve this task? Thanking you, Regards Ratnesh
David Klemitz wrote: Opps ! re my last message re $ 80 k, here is the link
David Klemitz wrote: 9i AS $20 k ? On this link it says the price is $ 80 k ! Can anyone comment about the 4:1 discrepancy ?
zeyad wrote: i want to make project about commerc by jdeveloper and i need cd to program and book
farman wrote: hai
Sankar.B wrote: Sorry yar. Its my mistake. No need to buy 9iAS licence for deploying if we use servers other than 9i AS. This is confirmed by OTN.
Muhammad Aamir Ikram wrote: dear sir. i want to E-mail server.
Sankar.B wrote: Dear Shay, Ive discussed this already with 9i JDev Team in OTN Forum. Oracle employees they only told that, "All the projects developed with 9i JDev, BC4J, etc. You can Deploy in whichever Application Server u want, But, U need to BUY 9iAS Server Licence. Then If u want u can use 9iAS or u can use any other App. Server. If u want, I can give the Forum URL. But, Dont ask Now. Cos, 9i JDev Forum itself is DOWN for the past 3 Days. Let it come. Ill give u. Yours, Sankar.B
senthil kumar vadivel wrote: hi, Any body can help me out, to get the list of trigger available in a database. is there any way to identify or recognise the when triggered taken place in database using java programing. I mean trigger works basically with in a database, i just want to know some how for my java application i want to get the information from the database as soon as trigger event take place inside a database. so that the trigger which took place inside databse, gives the signal or event to the out side world like java application. pls give me suggestion on this issue. thanks
PJC wrote: First of all, I totally agree with what one of the other users said about Oracle's WEB site going down all the time. Just when you need to look up something on Metalink, it is either down or extremely slow. Secondly, they haven't even fixed all the bugs in the current release of 9ias, and they are releasing a new one. It is all about marketing, advertising and beating the competitor to the market, and not about developing robust software. Releasing bug ridden, market driven software, and having the user debug it for you, is not something new; Oracle, however, has taken this to a new level. I have to struggle to load any new piece of software that Oracle releases, and I am getting tired of it.
Shay wrote: You don't have to buy Oracle9iAS to deploy applications you built with Oracle9i JDeveloper. You can deploy them on any J2EE container they are completly standard. Oracle is the only company giving free download of the full version of their development tool without any time limit on it, No other company does this.
Sankar.B wrote: Dear Guys, Oracle is playing with price by giving it free for download. U know, U can not buy 9i JDeveloper seperately. Uve to buy iDS which is having Forms, Reports, etc. etc. They will justify that also. Its $5000. Ok. Then, U can only develop. If u want to deploy all uve developed even in Tomcat, u can deploy, But, uve to buy 9iAS licence which is again $20000. Funny No? Larry says MS is trying to monopoly the market.
Birendra Goswami wrote:
Sampath wrote: Hi, I would like to know some info for the following: In Mobile Supply chain Application -WMS, We would like to add one form there in Telnet-based-listeners.As we refer the documentation, it is mentioned that we can write one Java bean component for new forms. I would like to know the detail regarding that java bean component , where to place , If anybody here has experience of this, Please help me. Of if you find any documents stating the steps involved in creating & placing java beans. Regards sampath Ramanujan
a wrote: Flowers
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