yourfanat wrote: I am using another tool for Oracle developers - dbForge Studio for Oracle. This IDE has lots of usefull features, among them: oracle designer, code competion and formatter, query builder, debugger, profiler, erxport/import, reports and many others. The latest version supports Oracle 12C. More information here.
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iPhone Office: 100 Ways to Turn Your Device into the Ultimate Productivity Tool
The iPhone has the power to supercharge everything from your e-mail to your parking space

Internet Services Deals Blog

The iPhone is a fun little gadget and great for staying connected, but did you realize that it has incredible potential as a productivity tool? That’s right, the iPhone has the power to supercharge everything from your e-mail to your parking space. Read on to see how it can be done.


Use your iPhone as a handy personal planner.

  1. Create to do lists in your notes: Use your iPhone’s note app as a simple to do list.
  2. Whiteboard capture: Your iPhone’s camera works well enough to capture most whiteboards, so you can save notes and share them with others.
  3. Getting tasks done!: Create projects, share tasks, and even get motivational phrases from this app.
  4. Use motivational wallpaper: Put David Allen’s GTD system on your iPhone with these wallpapers.
  5. 30Boxes: Use this calendar to share your schedule with friends, family, and colleagues.
  6. Photo to do list: Take photos to remind yourself to take care of tasks.
  7. 43 Actions: Organize your agenda and tasks with this app for the iPhone, and you can update using Jott, Twitter, or email.
  8. do.Oh: Keep track of the tasks you need to do with this app that syncs between your iPhone and desktop.
  9. Thumb Jot: This app makes taking notes on the iPhone faster.
  10. Use your iPhone as an alarm clock: Wake up, remember lunch, or just get reminded to do a task by setting your iPhone’s alarm.
  11. Evernote: Take notes, create to do lists, find images, and share everything using Evernote.
  12. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: The iPhone version of Harvest allows you to track your time, enter expenses, and more.
  13. Attendance Countdown: Use Attendance Countdown to stay on top of your arrival and working time.
  14. ezMemorize: With ezMemorize, you’ll be able to create flash cards and share them with others.
  15. GlueyNotes: Take notes and make lists with this app. It even automatically identifies telephone numbers and URLs in your notes.
  16. Before You Leave the House: Remind yourself of the things you need to do before you leave with this app.
  17. Google Calendar: View your schedule, add events, and more from your iPhone.
  18. Scribble quick ideas: Remember ideas that strike you while you’re out and about with the iPhone’s notes.


Keep in touch by using these tips and tools for communication.

  1. Send an email from anywhere: The iPhone supports both web-based and corporate email systems, so you can stay connected anywhere you go.
  2. Delete emails quickly: Use your email’s edit function to rapidly delete emails.
  3. Save links using Gmail: Use your iPhone browser’s "share" button to email links to yourself, and even add tags to find them easily.
  4. Blog: Get started on writing blog posts or even publish from the road with the iPhone.
  5. Find out where people are: Locate friends, family and coworkers using location-based apps like BriteKite.
  6. Use FriendFeed: Make use of FriendFeed to stay on top of what others have going on.
  7. Translate on the go: Use this simple translation app to get a quick translation between two languages.
  8. Photo blog: Use Posterus and start a photo blog that you can update just by emailing images.
  9. Save your texts: Use an app like Treasuremytext to keep a record and organize your text messages.
  10. Learn a language: Check out iTunes to find free language courses you can listen to on your iPhone.
  11. Change your email signature: Create a custom email signature on your iPhone with this tip.
  12. Sync with your PC email: Use the iPhone’s IMAP mail to keep your mail on your computer and your iPhone the same.

Browsing & Connection

Put your iPhone’s Internet connection to work.

  1. Save your web pages: Use iWebSaver to browse pages any time you have to go offline.
  2. Sync with Linux: Follow this tutorial to learn how you can sync your iPhone up with a Linux system.
  3. Find free Wi-Fi: Save a link to a web page that offers free Wi-Fi and find a free connection wherever you happen to be.
  4. Use bookmarklets: Grab these pieces of JavaScript to do everything from looking up words in a dictionary to finding a specific term on a page.
  5. Create simple online bookmarks: Forget the social or tagging aspects of online bookmarking, and get a simple way to save pages with Instapaper.
  6. SugarSync: Get access to all of your files on demand using SugarSync.


Manage your finances from anywhere using the iPhone.

  1. Slim down your wallet: Scan your cards into your iPhone, and you’ll be able to leave them at home.
  2. myBudget: Create your budget and track your expenses in your iPhone with myBudget.
  3. iCart: Use this iPhone app to create and manage up to 3 shopping lists right from your iPhone.
  4. iBillTo: iBillTo lets you keep track of client billing information inside your iPhone.


Use your iPhone’s media capabilities to their full potential.

  1. Keep photos on hand: Swap photos of your products, family, and anything else by keeping them in your iPhone.
  2. Kill the buzz: Use ferrite beads to suppress the buzz your iPhone and other mobile devices create in speakers.
  3. uTorrent: Get the iPhone interface for uTorrent, and stay on top of your dowloads.
  4. Stream iTunes: Use Simplify Media to stream your iTunes library to your iPhone and anywhere else.
  5. iFlix: Use iFlix to manage Netflix from your iPhone.
  6. Catch up on your reading: Download ebooks, or just put them on your iPhone as images, and you can read anywhere you go.
  7. Geotag your photos: Get an app like iFlickr that will automatically geotag your photos taken with the iPhone.
  8. Snapture: Put the camera application Snapture on your iPhone to get advanced features like auto-rotation and digital zoom.
  9. Transfer images: Move your images over to XP by treating your iPhone as a digital camera device.
  10. Catch up on podcasts: Upload podcasts to your iPhone and listen during downtime.

Getting Around

Get directions, remember your parking space, and more with your iPhone.

  1. Send yourself directions: Email Google Maps directions to your iPhone’s email address, and they’ll open in your Google Maps app.
  2. Discover what’s nearby: Use an app like Outalot to see what sort of restaurants, shops, and other useful places are around.
  3. Find out where you are: Use Google Maps to triangulate your position.
  4. Find a restaurant: Find good restaurants near where you are with StreetFlow.
  5. Create a car dock: Use these simple instructions to create a car dock for your iPhone.
  6. Photograph your parking space: Never forget where you’re parked by photographing your car before you leave it.
  7. Improve your iPhone’s car integration: Make your iPhone more productive in the car with this upgrade.
  8. Schmap: Schmap offers free travel guides that are optimized for the iPhone.


With your iPhone, you can manage documents, collaborate, and more.

  1. Export your slides: Using Mac Office 2008, you can export your PowerPoint slides to the iPhone.
  2. Photograph receipts: If you need to keep receipts to track expenses, just snap a photo of them with your iPhone and throw them away.
  3. Upload and share your files using this app for the iPhone.
  4. Google Docs Mobile: With Google Docs, you can access your documents wherever you are.
  5. Torch: Torch’s project management app allows you to organize all of your communication, files, tasks, and more in one place.
  6. iZoho: Create a mobile office with Zoho’s suite of productivity tools for the iPhone.
  7. Approver: The iPhone edition of Approver makes it easy to stay on top of document reviews and approval status on the go.
  8. EditGrid Spreadsheets: Create, edit, and view spreadsheets right in your iPhone with EditGrid Spreadsheets.
  9. iPhonePrinting: Print promotional items, business cards, and more from your iPhone using this app.
  10. RemoteNote: With this app, you can remotely edit, print, and back up your iPhone notes.
  11. Unify your clipboard: With a service like cl1p, you can keep the same clipboard across your iPhone and multiple computer systems.
  12. Mobile marketing: Use Headlight to check up on your marketing campaigns from your iPhone.


Find and share news and information with these tips and tools.

  1. Google News: Visit Google News on the iPhone, and you’ll get the latest from multiple sources.
  2. Check out Google Reader: Whenever you need to kill time, use your iPhone to catch up on your feeds in Google Reader.
  3. NPR Mobile: Get access to the latest NPR news and find NPR stations while you’re traveling with NPR’s mobile edition.
  4. Find your browser history: Check out your browsing history in the iPhone’s Safari bookmarks.
  5. Read magazines: With Zinio, you can read popular magazines on your iPhone.
  6. Wikipedia on the iPhone: Get all of Wikipedia on your iPhone, and have access to millions of encyclopedia articles.
  7. Customize Google Reader: Follow this how-to to find out how to make Google Reader more efficient.
  8. TIME Mobile: On TIME’s mobile website, you’ll find the latest news, analysis, and photography.
  9. Digg: Check out Digg on the iPhone to get the latest top stories.
  10. Fox News: Get the latest Fox headlines on your iPhone with this site.
  11. AP News: The Associated Press has created a site that’s optimized for the iPhone.


Learn how to make use of your iPhone in meetings.

  1. Make your iPhone vibrate first: Keep your iPhone from interrupting by setting it to vibrate first, then ring.
  2. Charts: Create and manage charts of anything right in your iPhone using Charts.
  3. Keypoint: Use this app to create, view, and share presentations on your iPhone.
  4. Show off your portfolio: Use an app like Orb to broadcast media content to your iPhone.


Push the boundaries of your iPhone with these productivity hacks.

  1. Turn your iPhone into a Moleskine: Make holding your iPhone easier with this hack.
  2. Use your iPhone as a remote control: Follow this hack to make your iPhone work as a multimedia remote for iTunes or even your desktop.
  3. Remember cookies: Make use of iRemember, and your mobile Safari won’t forget your cookies.
  4. Get copy and paste: Use Quasi Clipboard to get copy and paste functionality on your iPhone.
  5. Use your iPhone’s Internet connection: Put your iPhone’s Internet connection on your laptop with this hack.
  6. Create a stand: Make a stand with a business card and you can view your iPhone from a comfortable angle.


Create even more useful ways to utilize your iPhone with these tools and tips.

  1. Set an automatic sleep mode: If you want your iPhone to turn off at a certain time, check out this how-to that explains how to do it.
  2. CityMint: Get food-ordering quickly and easily on your iPhone with CityMint.
  3. Edit your auto-lock delay: Read this guide to find out how to change your auto-lock settings.
  4. Check movie listings: Use the iPhone to find out what’s playing while you’re on the go.
  5. 101 Cookbooks: Check out the iPhone recipes on 101 Cookbooks to find recipes and ingredients when you’re on the go.
  6. Enable Caps Lock: Save time when typing by enabling caps lock on your keyboard.
  7. Mobiscope: Monitor what’s being recorded by your webcam using Mobiscope.
  8. Store your shopping list: Take a photo of your shopping list with your iPhone before you leave home, and you’ll have a handy reminder of what to buy.
  9. Kill time at the movies: Occupy yourself with feeds, videos, or checking the weather while you’re waiting for your movie to start.

    [This post appeared originally here and is republished in full with the kind permission of the author.]
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We evaluated that product but went with Pacific Timesheet instead ( We needed payroll (Lawson) and iPhone support, and wanted a web-based software solution. I highly recommend them!


Pacific Timesheet - Web Time Tracking Software

Can the iPhone really work as a multimedia remote for iTunes or even a desktop?

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jamil wrote: We evaluated that product but went with Pacific Timesheet instead ( We needed payroll (Lawson) and iPhone support, and wanted a web-based software solution. I highly recommend them! Jamil Pacific Timesheet - Web Time Tracking Software
QueZZtion wrote: Can the iPhone really work as a multimedia remote for iTunes or even a desktop?
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